Amy Abrams (she/her)

ABOUT ME: A community health advocate, social worker, and supporter of public libraries. I hold a joint Master of Social Work and Master of Public Health and have worked in health and aging services in San Diego, California for over twenty years. I oversee the community health education and outreach programs for a regional healthcare district, and study part time in a Master of Library and Information Science program. I enjoy the constant challenge that purposeful work and stimulating academics provide, as well as a good Southern Californian life with my husband Marc, lots of books, plenty of coffee, and an intractable distance running habit. My brain is blissfully full.

ABOUT THIS BLOG: A repository for all of the spillover. My full-time job is to educate. My part-time job is to learn. In between I read, think, and try to understand, and sometimes just need a place to set stuff down. Opinions expressed here are my own, and do not represent those of my employer.

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