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A grain of salt

(Knowing what I know, Part 4) "Knowing what you know about Alzheimer's disease, what do you do differently in your own life?" I've been slowly making my way through my responses to this question in a series of posts, so far covering advance care planning, physical exercise, and cognitive activity. Today I'm feeling ready to… Continue reading A grain of salt

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Quacks or facts?

In my role as a health educator, I deal on a near-daily basis with claims of treatment and cure for Alzheimer's disease and related dementias. I see the range of emotions that people experience upon receiving a new diagnosis: worry and uncertainty, but also optimism and hope. And I know the deep fear that many… Continue reading Quacks or facts?

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Purple hearts

It's June, which means the jacaranda are blooming, and San Diego is awash in purple flowers. And it's the time of year when many in my field don some purple of their own in recognition of Alzheimer's & Brain Awareness Month. I've never liked the use of the term "brain awareness," because I think most of us… Continue reading Purple hearts

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When work is play

"It is a happy talent to know how to play." - Ralph Waldo Emerson Having spent most of my early adulthood taking myself pretty seriously, several years ago I made a commitment to incorporating more silliness and play into my life. College and graduate school in my 20's had been good years, but they weren't… Continue reading When work is play

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Resisting my resistance

(Knowing what I know, Part 2) “Knowing what you know about Alzheimer’s disease, what do you do differently in your own life?” I wrote in a previous post about my initial response to this question that was recently posed to me, and continue here with Part 2 of my answer: regular exercise. No, there is… Continue reading Resisting my resistance

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Let’s be Friends

If you encountered someone in the grocery store checkout line struggling to communicate or to make their purchase, would you try to help? Would you know how to help? If you saw a person in your neighborhood who appeared confused or disoriented, would you intervene? What would you say? And how would you say it?… Continue reading Let’s be Friends