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And then I don’t feel so bad

Is there a song, a movie, a painting, a book, or some other piece of art that you can say with total confidence that you will never, ever tire of? Whose every note, word, or brushstroke is familiar, and that makes you feel ... something? In many of my dementia education programs, I encourage the… Continue reading And then I don’t feel so bad

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ALA Seattle recap

I recently returned from my first American Library Association (ALA) conference, with a pad full of notes, a bag full of books, and a head full of ideas. I'm still early in my MLIS studies and don't work in a library - so why spend a week of precious PTO attending a library conference? Firstly,… Continue reading ALA Seattle recap

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Let’s be Friends

If you encountered someone in the grocery store checkout line struggling to communicate or to make their purchase, would you try to help? Would you know how to help? If you saw a person in your neighborhood who appeared confused or disoriented, would you intervene? What would you say? And how would you say it?… Continue reading Let’s be Friends