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Las super ricas

“If you wait, everyone gets tired and the glittery gifts people carry will mostly be tossed aside just so they can cross the finish line.” – Amy Bloom, White Houses

I’ve just returned from a too-short long weekend in California’s Central Coast with two of my favorite humans. While some glittery friends and relationships have come and gone from my life, the warm glow of this long, rich friendship continues to sustain me. I’m not a collector of stuff, but I am a collector of people. And whether it’s stuff, people, or the events crowding a too-full calendar, every now and then you just have to do a bit of weeding in order to keep life manageable. These two have always made the cut, and I deeply appreciate that they’ve always made space for me in the overflowing armload of life.

Aging like a trio of fine Central Coast reds. Thirty years and counting.

Julie and Krista have been my friends since our freshman geometry class in high school. They’d been friends since the fourth grade, which at the time felt like an eternity to me. They’d already known each other for five years, which in my mind made them practically sisters. I’d moved to a new neighborhood and switched schools in junior high, so I didn’t have any “old friends” like that. My older siblings went to different schools than I did, and there were enough years between us that we would never have been in school together anyway. I had friends, and a sister and a brother, but no one that knew me or liked me the way that Krista and Julie knew and liked each other. I loved hanging out with these two, and always envied their shared history. And thirty years later, I still love hanging out with these two, and am so grateful for all of the history that we now share.

Thirty years of marriages, families, and careers later, we talk deeply, laugh loudly, and sometimes talk each other into going for a run. But not this time. This time we talked each other into more wine. And tacos.

Photos of the Santa Barbara and Solvang fun (including our visit to the epic La Super Rica): Solvang etc. 2018

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